Pancare Australia and The Butterfly Retreats Torquay

Pancare Australia and The Butterfly Retreats Torquay

As part of our Butterfly retreats program, I’m so incredibly blessed to have been able to gift our property to good friends Damian and Kerri Woodruff. Damian was diagnosed with Pancreatic cancer and in January 2018 just after we opened, I contacted Kerri and invited  them to stay at The Summer House, as Damian was in need of some much need rest. 

For the second year in a row, we also had the pleasure of donating our Summer House property to the ‘Splash of Purple ladies lunch’ function, which aims to raise awareness and valuable funds for Pancare Australia.

Pancare Australia is the only charity of it’s kind in Australia that supports world-leading research and delivers programs designed to address the individual and changing needs for patients suffering from pancreatic cancer and other upper gastrointestinal cancers from the point of diagnosis through to recovery and bereavement.

Through our Butterfly Gifting program we were able to offer our good friends Kerri and Damien Woodrufff a much needed escape with some of their closest  family and friends at the Summer house earlier this year and also donate to assist with this worthy cause.

Kerri & Damian Woodruff are in the fight of their life, Damian was diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer a only couple of years ago, and has endured many operations and numerous treatments and I’m sure many dark days, however he doesn’t ever show it.  Damien is an incredible inspiring individual and along with his loving wife and carer Kerri, they have chosen to spend their days, learning and understanding more about this dreadful disease.

Although Damian’s prognoses is not good, they prefer to spend their time not dwelling on this rather they spending what time they have attending and speaking at as many events about his cancer in the aim to spread awareness of his plight and also try to express to others how the valuable funds raised and the ongoing research are helping Pancare Australia and medical research to give hope to others in similar circumstances

If you know someone, going through treatment, make sure you stay in touch, and see how they are doing, and donate if you can

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